I’ve developed a bit of an appetite for doing Bitpop/Chiptune remakes, I’ve been looking for a few more songs that I’d like to cover.   The criteria is that the song must’ve struck me in some way to enthuse me enough to have a crack at covering it.   So, instead of going Lo-Fi to Hi-Fi, I’ve made these songs into glorified chiptunes. Granted it would take about 6 Commodore 64’s to pump out this sound. Renoise was used to build this piece and give me as many C64’s as I needed. 

However I’ve not limited myself to being a purist and only using three (or 4 to 5 if you include digi/sample) channels and the one shared filter across the whole device. Rather I have chosen to allow myself to have as many sound channels as I like and filters that are independent as can operation across any individual sound. I’ve also allowed myself to use modern effect processing one each sound and channel bit I have tried to keep these very moderate so not to lose the C64 sound. That’s about it for the rules I am following which means I don’t quite fit the chiptune category in a pure sense.

After a little bit of trawling the interwebs, I found right in front of me on Wikipedia a definition for hybrid chiptune music.  Please allow me to introduce:  

Bitpop Track List

  1. Something Just Like This ft. William Yang
  2. Symphony ft. William Yang
  3. Pillowtalk ft. Adriana Vitale
  4. Into You ft. Ariana Grande
  5. Love Me Like You Do ft. Ellie Goulding
  6. Somebody That I Use To Know ft. Gotye & Kimbra
  7. There’s Nothing Holding Me Back ft. William Yang

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Tools Used to Create Bitpop

Ubuntu Gnome

Renoise 3.1

Renoise 3.1

Harrison Mixbus

Harrison Mixbus

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