Control your sound, damn you!

Well now that I’ve got Thief out of the way (and some annoying networking issues – I’ve put the new router away and plugged the old one back in) I’m back to building the game. I planned to spend today getting the mutant zone playfield area generation code extensible enough so I can use it for the zone selection screen. Although this post isn’t about that, I would like to say that now I can use the same zone generation code for when you are in one of the zones for generating multiple zones on the zone selection screen.

This is how it’s been all along since I decided I need to abstract my code back when I was working on the entity management framework. Rather than relying on OGRE to move my objects, I’ve written all the code to do this. I figured that the movement of my objects (all objects that you’ve seen in the few screen-shots I’ve posted) would be best handled as collectives or groups depending on the type of object (eg. Mutants, the player’s ship, lasers, missiles, particle effects & text.).

[warning]Yes, I do love my parentheses.[/warning]

That’s how it goes. You write code to get the job done that your currently working on but you always write it with the outlook that it can be extended and re-usable. The code I have used to control objects as a ‘wrapper’ has been very organic and easy to extend. I think that my years gone by as a coder has left me with a good sense of how code should be re-usable even if the reason back then was because RAM was tight and you couldn’t spare a byte.

Nice! A throwback rhyme!

[important]RAM was tight and you couldn’t spare a byte
RAM was tight and you couldn’t spare a byte
RAM was tight and you couldn’t spare a byte[/important]

Right, I was going to tell you about sound. Probably as another throwback to my bent as a musician on the C64 is that I place heaps of value on the currency of sound. Watch anything on TV or a movie or play a game with the sound muted and the experience is not the same. I want to make sure that Mutants 2014 sounds like it plays.

You know, I’m talkin’ pretty fundamental stuff here!

Mutants 2014 is playable already in one zone. Playability (albeit without much zone design) is there, graphics are there and music & sound are also there. It feels like a (very discreet) game already.

The music and sound effects have to meld well. This goes as fundamental as the player having control over the volume of sound and music. Apart from the good extensibility the the zone playfield framework, I can now control sound (or more so, the player can) level in the game.

Volume control code

Control your volume

The little things count even if they are taken for granted

So, all in all, a good day of progress. Tomorrow I’ll built the new zone selection screen and search and replace how I control sound volume across all the noises the game makes.

I suppose the cat is out of the bag now as for what programming language I am doing this all in. Extra points earned if you comment with the correct answer.

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