Armalyte 2 – Uprising [Dance/Trance] 2017 – Remix of a Commodore 64 tune from a game that never got published.

Armalyte 2 – Uprising

My last tune was classical and this time I have gone hardcore for this redo of the C64 music from the unreleased game “Armalyte 2”.  “Armalyte 2 – Uprising” is inspired by the 2nd subtune in the original Commodore 64 music for a game that never was. Unfortunately, Cyberdyne Systems were contracted out to System 3, and after getting to work on projects for System 3, such as Deadlock and Last Ninja 3. Armalyte 2 was shelved.

The original music by Prosonix ( was released later and I’ve made a rendition already of the Galway-esque Title Screen Music. I wanted to extend myself with this one. This time, I’ve tried my hand at Dance/Trance for this piece.

Yup, Daddy does Doof-Doof. I hope you like it. Please reshare if you do.

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