Something Just Like This feat. William Yang – Gavin Graham

My usual fascination is taking old C64 music and restyling them to be modern while preserving composition integrity. Maybe a few “flourishes” to spark up the mix a little but not much more.

This time I’ve decided to do the opposite to the new Coldplay/Chainsmokers song “Something Just Like This” by using nothing other than original sounds from the MOS 6581 (“SID” – Sound Interface Device) sound chip that was released in 1982 with the Commodore 64 home computer. Granted you need six 6581’s to create the sounds I’ve created but I wanted to prove that a 35 year old sound chip could be fooled into sounding less like its age.

Then, I contemplated doing my own vocals until I found William Yang’s Youtube channel. William provides acapella covers of a whole range of newly released songs.
I contacted William to ask for his approval and he graciously said yes to this crazy experiment of creating a chiptune hybrid.

My dedication to preserving the sounds of the SID chip should be pretty clear to anyone who remembers the sound of the C64 home computer and its 6581 SID chip. Particularly percussion was always hard to make sound real when programming the SID. It’s distinct hissy sine wave drums and moving pulse width square waves were things of both beauty and technical prowess back in those days.


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