Symphony feat. William Yang [Chiptune]

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My new arrangement! Again with William Yang’s vocals but this time with an unabashedly #chiptune sound. All done with the sounds of the Commodore 64 MOS-6581 Sound Interface Device (SID) chip. Renoise was used to build this piece and give me as many C64’s as I needed and processing effects.

One of the things that I and other C64 programmer/musicians struggled with was generating percussion that actually sounds like percussion. Very few purists such as Martin Galway even took a stance against using percussion as they thought it wasn’t to the quality that they wanted. Most others found interesting wavetable methods of generating better percussive sounds.

I chose an Anime story that draws parallels to the story told in the original music video for this song. Anime also seems appropriate from my point of view that the chiptune scene is deep in Japanese culture with the Nintendo family of sound generation devices that came in their consoles.

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