Pillowtalk ft. Adriana Vitale [8-bit chiptune/bitpop cover]

This track has been created with only the sounds of the 35yo Commodore 64 MOS-6581 Sound Interface Device (SID) chip. Renoise was used to build this piece and give me as many C64’s as I needed and processing effects.

Since I’ve now developed a bit of an appetite for doing Bitpop/Chiptune remakes, I’ve been looking for a few more songs that I’d like to cover. The criteria is that the song must’ve struck me in some way to enthuse me enough to have a crack at covering it.

Pillowtalk is one of those songs for me. It’s thick, soupy major chords, its melodic timing; made this song a choice interest. I struggled with it though. Trying to get Adriana’s vocals to blend with those 8-bit sounds was proving a challenge. Timing was tough too since slight timing variations have nowhere to hide behind a chiptune.

I’m happy with the result. Adriana’s vocals are amazing.
Enjoy and please reshare. It helps spread the name of the artists who contributed to this piece.

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