Bitpop 1 & 2 Compendium

Hey there,

I just wanted to update you what I’ve been working on.
I’ve got two songs in production for Bitpop2 but I am taking a little more time with these ones as they will be the songs that make Bitpop2 a complete album. I may even replace them.

Why these songs are replaceable is due to these two albums being actually quite a bit more personal rather than a whimsy. The past six months of my life have been so bizarre even to the point where I’ve ended up bizarrely writing two albums in an obtuse sub-genre. I wouldn’t have thought any this possible had it been hypothetically posed to me before any of this started.

I’m going to tell the story as it fills out the meaning and purpose of this body of work. In tandem with pouring myself into the songs I’ve still got to complete, I have written a 20-page “Bitpop 1&2 Compendium” that details why each song was done. Sometimes the detail is harsh, crass & gory. Some people may empathise and others may be in disgust. I don’t care as the story is actually part of the art and the essence of these two albums.

– Gavin

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