Bitpop 6 – The way of the exploding kitsch.

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Bitpop 6 – The way of the exploding kitsch

Hey there.

This is my second album of kitsch Bitpop songs from the 80s. My first set of kitsch was on Bitpop 4 and I had a lot of fun creating that one. Obviously it was an enjoyable experience otherwise I wouldn’t have decided to do another round of it.

For those who don’t know, Bitpop 6 – The way of the exploding kitsch celebrates those songs that are any combination of outlandish, garish, novel and camp. Nothing sums up those adjectives as much as songs of the 80s so that’s what you’ll find here.

A tasty second helping of the off-beat, garish, glitchy and occasionally camp songs that shaped those of us who grew up as part of the reset generation.

Track listing

1.  All Right [Bitpop] – Tribute to Christopher Cross 04:04
2. Club at the end of the street [Bitpop] – Tribute to Elton John 04:59
3. Never Can Say Goodbye [Bitpop] – Tribute to Jimmy Somerville/Communards 04:48
4. Its Oh So Quiet [Bitpop] – Tribute to Björk 03:48
5. Purple Rain [Bitpop] – Tribute to Prince 07:13
6. History Repeating [Bitpop] – Tribute to Shirley Bassey & The Propellerheads 04:04
7. Cool Change [Bitpop] – Tribute to Little River Band 05:04

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