Armalyte 2 Main Title Remix – Brisbane C64 Night Exclusive Release

My goal was to give myself one day to produce a new work especially for the Brisbane C64 Night event (on 19/11/16) however I just didn’t get this piece to the point where it could be shared. So, I’m a day late but I think it was worth the extra day. It’s probably my most intricate arrangement to date.

Armalyte 2 was a C64 game that wasn’t. This is, it never was released or became anything more than a prototype. (
But music for the game (and some graphical assets)did exist and I lovedit from the moment I randomly redisovered and listened to this music. My first impression was how vintage Martin Galway it was for all his hallmark sounds and flourishes are in this piece.

Had I not gave myself a time window of 2 days to complete this, I would and still may do an orchestral arrangement.

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