The 8bit Spindle – Track 02 – Monty’s Still Running

Monty on the run box art

Monty on the run box art

I first got a copy of Monty on the Run by dubbing the cassette tape in-store at the Caloundra Chandlers store. Karma got me though. My Commodore 1530 (C2N) Datasette chewed the tape and I subsequently went back to Chandlers about bought an original. It was one of the few originals I actually owned.

This one harks back to the 80’s when saxophones reigned supreme in pop music. Since these are scores from computer systems of the 80’s, I thought it would be a nice memorandum. Besides that, “Monty on the Run” was a classic, frantic game with cornerstone musical pieces by the legendary Rob Hubbard.

For The 8bit Spindle, I’ve chosen to do a rendition of the high score theme from this game. I had a picture in my head of Monty running off endlessly into the sunset and I think this track lends itself to sax’s.

Monty’s Still Running


Original score by Rob Hubbard from the game “Monty on the Run”


Images from the original game


Monty on the Run Title Screen (C64)

monty_on_the_run (1)

Monty on the Run in-game screen shot (C64)


Monty on the Run box art


Monty on the Run box back cover (C64)

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