The 8bit Spindle – Track 03 – Sunday Unplugged

Mega Apocalypse” was a great shoot ’em up  game with awesome music. Blasting the begeezus out of planets and moons as they grow in size and threaten to collide with your ship. You know the music is good when you used to spend fifteen minutes loading the game from cassette just to hear Rob Hubbard‘s awesome music.

I thought I’d cover this as an 80’s Eurotrash-esque garage band would thrash it out. This is a long piece of music at over seven minutes long. Sometimes it’s hard to know when to stop.

Sunday Unplugged (The Mega Apocalypse)


Original score by Rob Hubbard from the game “Mega Apocalypse”

Original screenshots & artwork from the game

hqdefault (1)

Mega Apocalypse Commodore 64 title screen


Mega Apocalypse in-game C64 screen shot


Mega Apocalypse C64 box art


Mega Apocalypse box in cassette format

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