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I’ve been revisiting one of the hobbies I had as a teenager in creating music with computers. Back then, I was writing original pieces for demos but now I’m taking some of my favourite pieces from old video games and breathing a new high fidelity sound into them. These interpretations are how I heard them in my head when I forgot about the way they were simple computer noises being made to sound as if they are a full band or orchestra.

It’s been a long time since I’ve done any music but now I’m back in the saddle. I’ve completed my first album (“The 8bit Spindle“) and a second one (“Paula, Six Five Eight One“) is on its way.

My reason for embarking on this project certainly isn’t for profit or for money in general. All the tracks and albums are free and downloadable from my Soundcloud profile. Rather, I did it to complete a retrospective of how I spent my youth. It’s been also a rekindling a creative whim that can so easily be forgotten.

The 8bit Spindle

8bit spindle retro remixes of c64 game music

Released 2012

1. The Wilderness (4:01)

2. Monty’s Still Running (4:48)

3. Sunday Unplugged (6:31)

4. They Stole a Million (1:36)

5. Arkanoid (2:17)

6. Times of Lore (2:44)

7. Epilogue – Go Further (1:17)

Find out more about The 8bit Spindle here

and coming soon

Paula, Six Five Eight One

Paula Six Five Eight One Cover retro remixes of c64 and amiga game music

 Projected release date: Spring 2014


1. ————–

2. Lightforce (7:35) – Preview Track

3. ————–

4. ————–

5. ————–

6. ————–

7. ————–

8. ————–


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