Original Commodore 64 music (Circa 1988)

Commodore 64 ScreenThis is a few of my original Commodore 64 tunes that I wrote somewhere around 1988 according to the High Voltage SID Collection (HVSC). I seem to think that they actually date back to 1986 but I’m not quite sure. I’ve looked at the machine code of the sound and music driver I wrote and these tunes are tagged with “BLEXV1” which was an earlier driver.

I’ll add more to this page as I dig through the archives. It wasn’t that long ago when only one of these were available on HSVC. In the last two years or so, three more have popped up so it’s my hope that someone, somewhere has more buried in their personal collection.

I wrote quite a bit of music on the Commodore 64 (and later, the Commodore Amiga) so I hope that more of it eventually finds its way into the Internet’s archives.


This was written for a small hackers intro that ran before your game started. I think it may have been for the Warriors of Time but I can’t confirm that nowadays.


Gazza 01

Another short tune for a warez distributors crack intro. Well before the Internet, a sub-group of the Commodore 64 scene was involved in hacking the copy protection on the original game disk and then they would put their “stamp” or intro on it. They would then trade disks via the old traditional postal service to others who did the same. It was our own distribution network.


Gazza 02

This was used in a hacktro by CY Systems. I remember their logo fell from the top of the screen when the intro started and that’s why you have a swoosh sound at the beginning. It’s only an eight bar riff but it is probably my favourite out of my salvaged Commodore 64 music collection.


WOT on Earth Part 2

WOT on Eartth C64 Demo By Gavin Graham (Gazza) & DevietThis was used in part two of a demo by the Warriors of Time called “WOT on Earth“. It was meant to be a weird piece. Give the main tune a chance though since it takes a long time too build up. If I remember correctly, the main tune was called “GenToon”. That was its working title anyway. We were never that inspired with our working titles.

I think this intro may have also recycled the “Dobee” tune in the first screen.


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