Fuck You [Bitpop][Explicit] – Tribute to Cee Lo Green

Made exclusively with the sounds of the Commodore 64 MOS6581 Multi-SID As its title suggests, ‘Fuck You’ is essentially a middle finger extending from the fist of a pop single—and a gloriously catchy Motown stomper of a pop single at that. It felt nearly criminal to have this much fun…

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How I manage my audio projects

Geek time. I’ve mentioned previously how I use Git to version all my work. Regardless of whether its audio, video, text/code or config, it goes into version control. This time I want to show you how I project manage my albums. I use Google Keep for purpose it’s actually not…

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Born This Way [Bitpop] Tribute to Lady Gaga


[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=srWdQrNOjl4[/embedyt] As the result for the Australian Marriage Equality Survey looms, win or lose, no matter your ability, gender, sexuality or ethnicity, I and many others are with you. This one is for anyone who has in any way felt marginalised, excluded or just made fun of. This one…

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Bitpop & My Audio Design Philosophy

Whilst Chiptunes are generally written and performed on real & emulated hardware such as the Nintendo & Commodore families of 8bit systems, they are bound to the technical constraints of the sound provided by that system. Bitpop tends to be played mostly as a hybrid of 8bit sound-chip sounds and…

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Bitpop 5

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/embed?listType=playlist&list=PL5A2PvaLPtn22U64vk2NygitzYKs7Y1RN[/embedyt]

Bitpop 1

Bitpop 1 contains songs that have been selected not out of whimsy or any simple superficial criteria. Rather, I’ve chosen songs that in their instances, their moments of time, have pulled heartstrings, confused thoughts & emotions or struck affinity on a personal level. Some hit raw nerves. They’ve brought me…

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C64 Night 2013

C64 Night 2013 – Brisbane, November 30 Nostalgic 8bit geeks of Brisbane rejoice! C64 Night 2013 is at the end of this month. Last year, a group of my old C64 demoscene friends went to the 2012 C64 Night as a bit of a nostalgic look back at how we…

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I lost my best friend today

This is Suzi (“The Fruit”). She’s my 18 year old little lamb. I’ve returned her back to her maker today. If she could only have known and understood how she was so cathartic for me when I was at my mental worst. She was an awesome kitteh and now she’s…

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The 8bit Spindle goes into production!

My first album that puts a new take on old computer game music, “The 8bit Spindle” is zooming its way down to Melbourne for printing and packaging. Finally, It’s done! #the8bitspindle Relive the sounds of 80’s computer games with this interpretation of some of the most memorable scores that were…

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The 8bit Spindle

Its getting real – My mini-album of 8bit inspired music is just about ready for mastering. Here’s the track listing for “The 8bit Spindle”: 1 – The Wilderness 2 – Monty’s Still Running 3 – Sunday Unplugged 4 – They Stole a Million 5 – Arkanoid 6 – Epilogue (Go…

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