Paula, 6581 – Coming Soon!

Paula Six Five Eight One Cover


Paula, 6581 is a work in progress

There’s not much here right now as I’m too busy writing music to create content for this page. Well OK, here’s a little bit of information.

When I was halfway through writing my first album “The 8bit Spindle“, I was certain that my next album would be a remake of the original music I wrote around twenty years ago on the Commodore 64 and Amiga computers. When I finished The Spindle, I though of so many other scores from those famous binary musicians that I’d love to revitalise.

The 16bit Spindle then came to mind. Then I figured why not have another round or retro but cover my other favourite music from both my favourite Commodore machines.

That’s how “Paula, 6581” has come to be. With my last album, I was exercising a mix of different styles as a way of stretching my creative legs. This time around, I am keeping the music more to a central theme. There’s still a lot of variation but the overall theme is a loose world music style fused with various other styles.


Here’s a sample track from the W.I.P. “Paula, 6581”


Lightforce – Track 02


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