The 8Bit Spindle


Think back to your favourite music of all time. You know, the music that holds a special place in your heart that you’ll always have an affinity with. I can virtually guarantee you that this music will be from your adolescent years.

For me, it was the sound of the 80’s. Those amazing sax solos and synth riffs. Hypercolour and boom-boxes reigned supreme in that era and additionally for me, that’s when most of the hobbyist computing and programming occurred. Among the fantastic artists of the era, I also had a constant exposure to computer games and their music within. These tunes have stuck in my head as much as any pop music could possibly do. I remember the tunes so vividly even though I can’t remember what I have for dinner last night.

Introducing “The 8bit Spindle”. This is my first album goes back to the 80’s and takes some of my favourite scores from the Commodore 64 and breathes new energy into these classics.



  1. The Wilderness
  2. Monty’s Still Running
  3. Sunday Unplugged
  4. They Stole a Million
  5. Arkanoid
  6. Times of Lore
  7. Epilogue – Go Further


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