Who is Gavin Graham?

For those that don’t know me, I’m one of seven billion people on this planet. I’m in my 40s, separated from my partner and have a cat as my child. I’m Australian and a senior IT Professional. I worry and act the fool in equal quantities.

Gavin Graham was a demoscene musician and programmer on the Commodore 64 & Amiga home computers in the 80s & 90s who has an affinity with those older 8-bit soundchips such as the MOS6581/8580, Atari TIA/Pokey and AY2681.
Today, Gavin is recreating covers in the Bitpop genre and exploring how these 8-bit home synthesisers can be transformed into a fusion of old and new electronica.

Gavin considers himself and his music to be a anarchic display of the pop-culture anti-hero by repurposing defunct computer sound hardware to create a bridge between an underground electronic music culture and the mainstream music medium.

About this site and a bit more about me

Gavin (Gazza) & Jim (Deviet) when we were demo coders.

Gavin (Gazza) & Jim (Deviet) when we were demo coders.

My website is foremostly about my music both past and present. I’ve had a bit of a revival of my musical persuasion and I thought there was no better way to apply that to the tunes I remember most. There’s more background information and what motivated me to go back to music that can be found here.

I’ve released the efforts of my own personal “Summer of Code” project. This project is where now around twenty-two years later, I’ve decided to bust out my old assembly language programming skills and rewrite my music driver  (“sequencer” for those who aren’t in the know) to make an ‘ultimately flexible’ player capable of tricks that I could of only dreamed of all those years ago had I not been so heavily invested in the one I has already written.

Fourthly, there is some odd old computer history floating around that doesn’t have much information on-line as I would like. This is generally true about (for me at least) for old 8-bit computers that were specifically branded for Australia after being imported by some obtuse manufacturer. This is my attempt at preserving some history by adding or collating some historical information.



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