The 8bit Spindle – Track 04 – They Stole a Million

They Stole a Million” on the Commodore 64 was a bit of a lame game – I never really got into it. I might have only played it only a few times but it certainly got enough screen time so I could listen to Ben Daglish‘s music.

The objective of the game is to plan robberies and execute the crime. The player first purchases blueprints of the house where the soon-to-be-stolen object is kept. Then several specialists can be hired which disable alarms, open locks or drive the getaway car.

Time to go gangsta! Break out that fat double bass and those pianos in this 1940’s swing acoustic piece remix of a 8bit classic C64 tune.

They Stole a Million


Original score by Ben Daglish from the game “They Stole a Million”

Original screenshots & artwork from the game


They Stole a Million in-game screen shot


They Stole a Million Commodore 64 title screen


They Stole a Million box art for the Commodore 64 version

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