The 8bit Spindle – Track 06 – Times of Lore


Times of Lore Commodore 64 title screen


Times of Lore” was quite a nice adventure game and an expansive adventure game. It was inspired by great games such as The Legend of Zelda and Ultima IV. I played this game a little bit back in the day but I don’t recall ever finishing it. Probably the Commodore Amiga was starting to get my attention around that time.

The graphics in this game were a perfect fit to its theme. It was colourful and set in a slightly awkward top-down perspective. The characters were fun and it had a running story in an era of games that generally didn’t have too much depth.

This is my version of one Martin Galway‘s later Commodore 64 scores after he left Ocean Software and started his push to the U.S.A. I’ve tried to give it a medieval & orchestral feel combined with acoustic guitars and ending with the sorrow of a violin.

Times of Lore


Original score by Martin Galway from the game “Times of Lore”

Screenshots and artwork from the original game


Times of Lore in-game screen shot (C64)


Times of Lore Commodore 64 box art

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