How I manage my audio projects

Geek time. I’ve mentioned previously how I use Git to version all my work. Regardless of whether its audio, video, text/code or config, it goes into version control.

This time I want to show you how I project manage my albums. I use Google Keep for purpose it’s actually not designed for. Yup I’m doing Kanban lite project management with Google Keep. Haha! It’s nuts, but it kinda works to my style.

Each song starts its life in the WIP card and as it starts to form into something I think I can work with, it gets promoted to an album card. Likewise occurs underneath on the version control level with branches and such.

So, there is some method to my mayhem!
That said, I tend to not let method or procedure encroach on my inclination to freestyle. Even as an IT Professional I work that way. I call it “fluidgility” 🙂

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