Lily Was Here (C64 Version) [ Bitpop / Chipune ] – Tribute to Dave Stewart & Candy Dulfer

Made with the sounds of the Commodore 64 home computer.

When this song came out in 1989, I couldn’t stop listening to it. I remember recording it onto a tape for my car stereo and playing it over and over again. There’s a few songs that I remember over time incessantly playing – The Obvious Child, Paul Simon, Elecktraglide, David Whittaker,

My plan for this song is to do multiple versions by targeting various sound chips from the 80s. I’m starting with my beloved C64 SID chip but I also plan to do a Amstrad/ZX Spectrum, NES & Gameboy version of this song. Over time, not straight away. It’s going to be a side project.

It’s strange, I used to do instrumental only pieces but now I’ve grown accustomed to doing these Bitpop songs with vocals, I’m a little scared to do a song without vocals as I have nowhere to hide the imperfections.

This remains to be Bitpop even though it doesn’t have any vocals as I am still using modern sound production techniques to aide the underlying chiptune.

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