How I manage my audio projects

Geek time. I’ve mentioned previously how I use Git to version all my work. Regardless of whether its audio, video, text/code or config, it goes into version control. This time I want to show you how I project manage my albums. I use Google Keep for purpose it’s actually not…

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Bitpop 5


Bitpop 1

Bitpop 1 contains songs that have been selected not out of whimsy or any simple superficial criteria. Rather, I’ve chosen songs that in their instances, their moments of time, have pulled heartstrings, confused thoughts & emotions or struck affinity on a personal level. Some hit raw nerves. They’ve brought me…

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My new album “Paula, 6851” is coming.

Here’s a preview from my next album “Paula, Six Five Eight One”. It should be ready by the end of spring this year. I hope you enjoy it.   [soundcloud][/soundcloud]

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